Success Stories

Upon graduation from high school, Joe, an individual with a developmental disability, got a job as a cashier at a local business through a job placement service.  As Joe started to receive promotions at work, his mother and the staff at the job placement services became concerned about the effect work might have on Joe’s federal and state disability benefits. An Independent Living Counselor at AR completed a benefit analysis for Joe and was able to show everyone how Joe could continue working and keep his medical insurance through Medicaid.  Joe is still successfully employed and was promoted to assistant manager.

Wanda, an individual with a visual impairment, used a magnified screen reader to read her mail and other important documents. When the screen reader equipment broke, Wanda contacted AR for help to replace the device.  AR staff was able to locate a donated screen reader for Wanda enabling her to continue to read her own mail and not be dependent on others to help with this task.

Richard, a 47-year-old male with diabetes, had been living in a nursing home for nine months when we first met him in 2008.  Richard had some major health problems related to his diabetes that resulted in his hospitalization for the amputation of a gangrenous leg.  While in the hospital, Richard was evicted from his apartment and all his belongings were sold to pay for his overdue rent.  AR staff helped Richard, who had no resources and limited family help, write a plan listing the steps necessary to move back into the community.  Staff helped him apply for paratransit services and housing.  We donated LIFT coupons so Richard could attend to the various tasks associated with establishing a home back in the community.  We found donated furniture and kitchen supplies for his apartment and paid for his first month’s rent, security deposit and groceries.  Richard will soon celebrate his fourth year of transition.

Marcia, who has limited English, called AR for advocacy services when she thought she had been denied eligibility for paratransit services.  Marcia had been diagnosed with kidney failure and needed paratransit services in order to get to dialysis.  AR staff contacted the LIFT Program and found out that Marcia was eligible and that Marcia had misunderstood the letter notifying her that she was eligible for paratransit services.  AR staff  not only reassured Marcia that she was eligible for paratransit, they also assisted her  in applying for our Transportation Assistance Program for Seniors (TAPS).  Through TAPS, we provide Marcia with paratransit coupons each month so she can make the life sustaining trips to dialysis.